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Real estate sales platform designed by an ex-banker and mortgage lending professional. Our understanding of the financial side of every transaction is a difference maker. Our digital approach makes our client's lives easier.

It's our job to help you navigate the market successfully.  We're a brokerage founded by a 25 year lending and real estate professional who has a keen eye for value and a lender's eye toward detail.

Built with a history of sales, finance and systems development success, our goal is to utilize today's technology to elevate the customer experience, not overwhelm it. 

home-valuationHome Seller's Representation

Selling your own home is a daunting task in any market. How do you advertise? Are you in tune with today's buyers? How are your technical skills?  Can you tell if a buyer is really qualified? Understand mortgage and escrow math?

We take a detailed approach to marketing your property. First, we complete an initial market evaluation of your home using the best data tools available.  Data is just numbers unless you know what you are looking at. As long time mortgage professionals, we've reviewed thousands of home appraisals. We bring that experience and an understanding of the market to your front door.

We complete a full evaluation of your property, discuss showing and staging options and identify the features that buyers are looking for. We provide a full range of marketing services including staging, professional photography and video. We feature your home on our website and have a listing syndication system reach that starts in North County and reaches the world. Count on a detailed evaluation of every offer including an intelligent interview with any proposed lender. We make it a point to know your goals and help you evaluate every offer. 

Home Buyer's Representation

By merging market awareness and access with a mortgage lender's skill set and tools, we start you on the right path to home ownership on Day One. By understanding how your financial profile meshes with your goals and the market, we can get our first time buyers and long time home buyers in the market fast, and reliably.

When you find the right property, you will not find anyone more qualified to assist with your evaluation. Years of property underwriting experience and an objective valuation approach make a difference for our clients.

We bring more opportunity to buyers with renovation and construction programs  Our Jumbo mortgage programs are underwritten in house to $2,000,000

Mortgage Services

Pre-approved? Great! You have have a broker that is qualified to help you understand the complicated math of mortgage lending. Don't have a loan?  We can help with reliable in-house underwriting for fast turnaround.

As a licensed broker and loan originator, Compadre Mortgage offers conventional, government, Jumbo and Non-QM mortgage programs with great rates and low fees.  

Our broker is a licensed originator and and has the ability to finance the homes we sell. Mortgage lending is at the heart of what we do. We streamline the buying process and eliminate an element of uncertainty that plagues many home sales.

Whatever your home buying, selling or financing needs are, you can't find a better place to start.  Contact us at 888-790-8660.